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Such Good Mothers The second investigation of Céleste Ibar

Such Good Mothers
Céleste Ibar is back. In this second investigation, Céleste embarks on the trail of a killer who mutilates and murders women.

‘Such Good Mothers’ delves into the poignant desire for a child that nothing can extinguish and questions the bonds that unite parents with their children.

Set in the magical and mysterious backdrop of the Brière marshes, ‘Such Good Mothers’ takes the reader into the heart of a tightly-knit community populated by characters, each more endearing than the other. At its center shines the young Flora, who will captivate the hearts of readers as well as those of the police, her parents, and her neighbors. And the deads surrounding them.

Céleste Ibarbengoetxea, a Detective Inspector at Police Department of Nantes. An unpronounceable name. A scarred face. A terrible past: abducted and tortured, she survived by displaying inhuman violence. Since then, for some and in her own eyes, Céleste Ibar is a monster. However, it’s because she’s a loving wife, an attentive mother, and a dedicated colleague that she will solve one of those tragic criminal cases that forever mark a cop.