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Beautiful Lies The First Investigation of Céleste Ibar

Beautiful Lies

Haunted by an unimaginably brutal assault, Céleste Ibar, a seasoned police investigator, bid farewell to the hallowed halls of Paris’s elite police force, where she had dedicated a decade of her life. Bearing the physical and emotional scars of her harrowing ordeal, her once radiant countenance now bore the indelible marks of a violent abduction. Yearning for solace and normalcy, Céleste sought refuge in the tranquility of Nantes, hoping to reclaim a life shattered by unspeakable trauma.

Freshly arrived in Nantes to assume her new role as Detective Investigator, Céleste finds herself ostracized for arresting a man caught in the act of marital violence, oblivious to his status as a colleague. Tasked with investigating the seemingly mundane suicide of Anne Arnotte, a wealthy industrialist from Nantes’s elite circle, Céleste uncovers a case far more unsettling than initially perceived.

The investigation unveils a trail of missing items, cryptic markings on the victim’s body hinting at signs of violence, and a peculiar will bequeathing her fortune to a stranger. As Céleste delves deeper, she must assert her distinct personality and keen intellect, veiled beneath a profound empathy, to unravel the deeply buried secrets that continue to haunt the living.

Her relentless pursuit of justice leads her to uncover the dark underbelly of a world where appearances reign supreme, where facades conceal sinister truths. Céleste’s unwavering determination to unearth the truth forces her to confront the darkest recesses of human nature.

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