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Lost In Limbo A Story of Adolescence and Suffering

ACP debout livre épais

‘Adolescence is the time when one must choose between living and dying’, says Hafid Aggoune.

Did Augustin Koperra truly choose? At fifteen, he had a loving family, a girlfriend, friends, and a future. A football prodigy from Nantes, he was promised a dazzling destiny, akin to Kylian Mbappé’s.

Yet it was his body found embedded in a lock not far from Nantes, beaten to death with a lacerated face.

Who was the intended target? The gifted youth dedicated to his passion, the mundane young lover, the cyberbully, the spoiled kid playing at perfection?

Céleste Ibar, returning to the Nantes Police Department after three years of suspension for an accusation she was cleared of, along with Ithri Maksen, her right-hand man, confront determined families seeking the best for their children.

Between social media networks and shameful secrets, their path is paved with youthful hell from which no one emerges unscathed.

Available in bookstores on May 16th.